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#Plan your trip Season 1 Article 3

Places to go

Once you have reached your destination, you will be wanting to spend your time in a productive way. In this article you will learn how to decide how to choose which ones to visit among the many destinations so that you can make the most of your time. This is a continuation from the previous article read that article first to get a better understanding of this article.

Once you reach your tourist destination and check in to your hotel you would want to explore the destination. After travelling so much you probably must be tired - so explore the nearby places around you to get the hang of the destination. Then rest that day.

Scenery in India

You can ask the locals and the hotel people and seek their suggestions before you finalize the places to visit. According to me they will be the best guides as they are the locals and know a lot more than you do about that place. Ask them and then google best places to go near your place of stay. Now you can decide based on the rankings provided by both - the locals and google. This way you can prioritize where to go and which ones to give a miss. Google is not always correct you should ask other tourists and local people as they should provide a more accurate and first hand feedback.

It is best recommended that you cover two or maximum three destinations in a day - so make a list, plan well in advance – it will help you to visit all the destinations you want to in the time you have.

Now about the night. You will need good food b now and most of us do not include dinner in our packages. That is common. As per us, that is the correct choice as you can move out and taste the local food as you will not find that in your home town. If you think that it may save you some money, then maybe you are wrong!

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