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#Plan your Trip - Season 1 Article 1

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

This is the series of articles where we tell how to plan your trip, whether to travel in the off-season or in tourist season. How can your trip be the bang for your buck?

And lastly, how can you enjoy your trip

in this article you will learn -:

By which mode of transport to go and how much will each of the mode cost (more or less).

How to decide the mode of transport based on with whom are you going?

Planning your travel is one of the most time taking things to do so let us make it as easy as possible for you.

Travelling is great but you must plan your trip in an efficient way to make the most of it.

1 You should probably see your budget and whether you are with your family, travelling alone or you are travelling with a partner.

2 If you have a low budget you should think of going by your own car or a bus. Also, you can spend a little more and get your hands on a good train ticket … you may have to stretch your budget a bit but you will be much more satisfied and would not have to drive.. that is a relief for many people.

3 Let us explore various options further.

a) If you are with your family then we will suggest you go by car because you have the flexibility to stop anywhere, have food break anywhere and travel at your speed and discretion. You will also find it useful as it will cost double the price of the ticket of the train but then you are dividing it between 3 or more people so in any which way it will be cheaper. We know you are willing to look for the word cheaper and more comfortable. Car may also take lesser time overall.

b)If you are two people, then you are set to go via a train, plane or bus but please don't go by car as you will get bored. You can do whatever on the train bus or plane. But you will surely get more flexibility to stop anywhere, do what you want to and then get going all by going on a car. NOTE: A bus will cost you much cheaper than the car. The car will cost you the same as the train & the plane will cost you the most.

c) And if you are alone the obvious thing is to not go by car. Because it may not be a very safe option.. if you fall asleep while driving then no one is there to wake you up or take over the driving from you. You can book your ticket on a train or Volvo according to your budget.

That is all for this article, we will be uploading more articles on this series and we will also be posting articles on a new series that will be a follow up on this one. Please comment and share this article with everyone in your circle. Do let us know what you want to see next so that we can tailor content according to our viewers

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